This is not a callout

9 February 2023

It's a nasty habit, but sometimes I go on the internet. Sometimes I'll go on the internet and say something like

I really wish web developers would consider accessibility more

What does the above mean? It means I really wish that web developers would consider accessibility more. Which is exactly what I wrote, so I'm satisfied that I've been clear in my desires.

Unfortunately and inevitably, it leads to the following response

Well, as a web developer I am certified in accessibility, worked with the W3C and am literally disabled so...?

What does the above mean? It means you decided I was calling you out and you had to show me that you were, in fact, a web developer who considered accessibility. And you deserve an apology.

Another example:

Capitalism is bad

Oh, so I'm a bad person because I have to earn a wage engaging in capitalism so I can have a roof over my head and feed my family? Thanks bud!

As a person on the internet, anything that I post is for public consumption and thus public response. It's what I signed up for when I signed the Devils contract over fifteen years ago to engage with social media at the cost of my mental health. Crap deal, but, I digress.

What I didn't sign up for though, is being your Dad.

A post like "eggs are bad" does not mean "I think people who eat eggs, and specifically you, are bad".

"At the end of the day, it's a companies jobs to maximise profits over your wellbeing" does not mean "Hello, @your_username, your company sucks ass lol and doesn't give a shit about you. You should feel bad about working there, evil person".

If you eat eggs, that's great. But, I don't care? This is not a callout. I was not thinking about you when I wrote what I wrote. I was thinking about the fact that I don't like eggs. This was not an eggs-based personal callout to you.

It's possible that you feel bad about eating eggs, and you didn't know what to do with that feeling. You felt the need to justify your egg based activities to me. That's weird behaviour that sets expectations on me to apologise to you for a thing I never said in the first place.

If you feel bad about eating eggs, stop eating eggs. If you can't stop eating eggs that's fine and understandable, they're a vital component to many peoples diets. I don't have to eat eggs though.

Nor do I have to not share my vague egg opinions on the off chance you see it and decide I have said "I hate that @your_username eats eggs. What an asshole".